lastfm msk1

A new version of the client-- available in upstream's svn. I put a tarball at the bottom of the patches page for convenience. You can also get it directly here.

Patches updated as usual along with some optional ones that I like. The latter will not be going in the Debian archive. They are liable to change significantly or they fork too much.

So that's it. Enjoy.


lastfm msk1

A new version of the client is available, and I updated the patches that I'm using in the Debian package. Fortunately, they are a lot fewer than before. :-) is building in Debian unstable as I write this, and Alberto will be doing some selected backports once he gets a chance.


lastfm msk9

I reordered some of the patches and fixed a couple of minor problems. You will probably need to get all of the patches again so they apply cleanly.

The big news, however, is that lastfm is now in the Debian archive. 'apt-get install lastfm' from unstable to get the latest version. Alberto will continue to compile backports for Debian and Ubuntu based on the official packages. So three cheers for Alberto! :)

This also means that I'm removing the Debian-specific stuff from the page. The page will now focus only on the msk patchset for the sake of other distros that are using it.


lastfm msk8

Fix 13_alsa to prevent a potential but unlikely buffer overflow when getting the device description.

Fix 20_noupdates so it's a little more complete.


lastfm msk7

Apologies about the quick new patch.

Several days ago Alberto noticed that the loqqer patch didn't include some needed delete statements. I finally got around to posting an update. Hopefully, nobody ran into problems because of it.


lastfm msk6

I was going to wait for version 1.2 to arrive but got impatient. So here's msk6.

It has a couple of changes:

  • Adds Turkish translation from Pardus. Hey! They're using our patches too. :)

  • Change the implementation of Loqqer so the client can run on systems requiring PIC code (amd64, anything with SELinux enabled, etc.) Just compiling -fPIC merely trades one set of problems for another. A more substantial fix was a little more invasive.


lastfm msk5

There are a few notable changes in msk5:

  • Version can now run using Qt 4.1. Folks using Debian Sarge or Ubuntu Dapper can upgrade from 1.0.7. :)

  • The maximum number of stations in the History is increased to 100.

  • Users can now right click on a station in the History to remove only that item. This should make history management a lot nicer.

There are a few other minor tweaks and bugfixes. See the changelog for further details.


lastfm 0msk4.1 source rpm

I made a small fix to the rpm spec file so it would actually build. You can find 0msk4.1.src.rpm on the download page.

The Debian packages are unaffected.


lastfm msk4

msk4 is available as a Debian diff and RPM source package in the usual place. Alberto has the edgy and etch binaries at his usual place.

msk4 has a couple of minor changes:

  • The tray icons are now 22x22 instead of 16x16. Here's a before-after sample:

  • The tray popup menu includes the "Enable Discovery Mode" checkbox.


A Big Old Rush Job

OK. It looks like I may have been bending, if not breaking, the TOS at sourceforge by hosting the patches there. I'll play it safe and put the patches here instead.