KCometen4 1.0

It's released.

It basically ports KCometen3 to KDE4 and adds a few nice features--mipmaps and other things. Details here.


Last.fm msk1

A new version is out, and I added a few bugfixes on the patches page.

One thing to note if you're building a package: The dirpaths patch now only changes where the client looks for icons. So you'll need to put all the binaries under /usr/lib/lastfm or wherever, and then use a script that sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Last.fm msk1

This fixes a bug that can crash the client if the audio device is already busy.

I also updated to the latest upstream version. It appeared in late December, but it didn't look like it affected Linux users much. Might as well get that updated now too.

Last.fm msk1

I was planning on updating the patches once the package got in the Debian archive, but that's taking a bit longer than I expected.

No point in waiting longer.

lastfm msk1 has been out for a little while. But since it's not much different from, I waited until I could get some fixes in that have been bugging me for months.

Three new patches (close-fds, fix-http-hangs, save-window-states) should stop some quirky misbehavior. See the patches page and changelog for more details.

lastfm msk1

There's a new upstream version that fixes some minor niggles.

The Turkish translation patch is re-enabled thanks to Ismail, and I made some changes to the tag-cloud patch. Various other patches were refreshed so they would apply cleanly, but that's about it.

lastfm msk2

The patches have a couple of stupid little bugs that prevent building on 64-bit architectures. You'll need to get new versions of alsaplayback and transcode.

lastfm msk1

New upstream.

This removes some patches applied upstream and adds some others that focus on reducing the cpu load. Most of them won't be very noticeable, but every little bit helps.

Oh, and the new transcode patch should fix some clicks and pops in the audio. I'm still puzzling over how the original code was creating them to begin with.

lastfm msk1

This fixes a few bugs, especially in the browser-select patch. It also adds two new patches: one reduces the cpu load, the other now lets the client support multiple audio output plugins. See the changelog for details.

The multi-sound patch is in the unsupported category because it's currently way too invasive to put in the Debian package. It works well for me, though. And maybe upstream will eventually decide to apply it.

lastfm msk2

This adds two patches (08 & 09) to fix a couple of bugs and modifies 03_no-mediadevice to get rid of an unneeded dependency on libqt4-sql when using Linux.

An updated package should soon appear in Debian unstable.